Friday, October 29, 2010

Vlogging with Canon 5D Mark II & iPad

iPad can be an ultimate vlogging tool. Though it has no camera, we can import videos from any device via iPad Camera Connection Kit, means you can get any video file from some devices including Canon 5D Mark II.

And it means, you can vlogging with DSLR quality videos. Not to mention the lens variations for the video. Problem is, the iPad can only read 640x480 video files from 5D Mark II. (you can import 1080p HD video but iPad can't read them).

First thing first, you'll need Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit ($29). It comes with 2 connectors: SD card reader connector & USB connector. Since 5D Mark II comes with CF card, you'll need card reader & connect it to the USB connector. Or, connect the 5D Mark II directly to the USB connector.

The will automatically launch & shows Camera page with the thumbnails from the camera. Select the 640x480 videos to import to 'All Imported' album.

Currently, there's only one video editing app for iPad: ReelDirector ($4.99).
Once the video files imported in the library, we can access them in the & start to edit. For me, iPad 10 inch screen is decent enough to edit quick instant video.

Finish editing, render & ready to upload. In ReelDirector you have 3 compression options. I'd prefer to use the 'High Quality Option' though it has bigger file size. Well, video from DSLR deserve that quality, right? Though, you'll need a 3G or better internet connection for that.

Enjoy the DSLR quality vlogging.

ps: with this process, I think I can call it a mobile-vlogging? Bulky mobile-vlogging? :D

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